State representatives - NSW State Championships


The NSWERA SMC is proud to announce the following combinations who have been chosen to represent NSWERA at the NSW State Championships 160km event.


The NSW team chosen for the open Teams competition is: 

 Corey Nix ~ Homeleigh Mountain Kosmo  

 Clare Feary ~ Equilo

 Isabella Circosta ~ Ropa Park Bella Shakila

 Clare Fleming ~ Flemingo Queen

 Talyn Nix ~ Homeleigh Mountain Khalid’s Komet


The team chosen to represent NSW in the State of Origin against Victoria and Queensland is: 

April Newman ~ Tarnette

 Sarah Parker ~ Cooroora Allyjah

 Naomi Lee ~ River Oak Nullabor

 Celia Hodgson ~ Wybalena Lodge Aflirt

Sanjay Nix ~ Macrocarpa Kaos


The reserves will be announced at the event.


Congratulations to the above riders on their selection. We wish you a safe preparation and successful ride! 



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