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FEI Endurance Rule Changes July 2014

FEI Calendar Application Form 2015

FEI Charges for 2015

 The above application form contains all the fields that we require for the uploading of information onto the FEI database, therefore allowing us to upload this information quickly and accurately. Please ensure you enter all categories of FEI competition that you will be running into this spreadsheet.

A schedule of fees for 2015 which lists the costs involved with running an FEI event. There is no change to the FEI calendar fees at this point in time, however we will need to await confirmation from the FEI General Assembly in October.

All applications are required to be returned by 9am Monday, 15th September 2014.The dates will then go to the NEC for approval prior to being submitted to the FEI.

There will be no exceptions made to this date as per the FEI, and any late applications will incur the FEI late fee.

The attached spreadsheet can be sent back via email, but please ensure that a hard copy is also printed and sent via post to PO Box 673, Sydney Markets NSW 2129, with payment enclosed for the calendar fees.Should you wish to pay your fees via credit card please let me know via email and I can arrange this for you. Calendar applications will not be accepted without payment of calendar fees.

If you have any enquiries in regards to the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

 Sue Hartog

Part-time Sport Consultant – High Performance (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Equestrian Australia

 +61 2 8762 7723 | Unit 7/11-21 Underwood Road HOMEBUSH  NSW  2140AUSTRALIA


FEI stands for Federation Equestre Internationale. You can learn more about the FEI at

FEI rides in NSW are listed on the NSWERA Calendar.

FEI Rules 2013 at

Updated General Regulations 2013 at

FEI Events in Australia

In the past, Australia has had special dispensation to use our AERA logbooks at FEI events instead of the official FEI/EFA passports. This is no longer an option as the FEI is insisting that each national federation must be using the same documentation at international events.

The AERA has come to an agreement with the EFA that instead of the full FEI passport ($260), AERA state divisional members may compete at FEI events using the EFA National Identification Document (NID).

The NID is available from the EFA National office at a cost of $88 and is valid for four years. A veterinary identification will be required. You will need the NID to compete at all 3 Star FEI events. You will not need the NID to compete at 2 Star events. Also, you do not need to be a member of the EFA to purchase a NID. FEI Passport & EFA National ID Document order form

Members are also reminded that all horses and riders must have a current FEI registration to be eligible to compete at FEI events. Cost is $20 per year per horse, and $20 per year per rider. FEI Registration application – Horse and/or RiderFEI Registration application – Horse and/or Rider

FEI Rider & Horse qualifications made easy

FEI Riders flowchart

FEI Horses flowchart

Southern Stars Young Horse Championships

Any nomination for this series must be sent in one month prior to the first event for that horse.

For riders and horses entering the 2* you must have the equivalent * qualification to enter the event, ie. a successful completion of 1* ride or in the old rules a 2* (90-119 km) in the preceding 24 months. This will have to be produced at time of entry or preferably at time of nomination

Nomination form

Rules & Regulations

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