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 2021 Shahzada Ride Preview

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Shahzada 2021 - 400km over five days, 8O kms every day, up and down the beautiful mountains of the Macdonald Valley, will be held in St Albans, north west of Sydney, from Monday, 23rd August to Friday, 27th August with the Mini Marathon from Tuesday, 24th to Thursday, 26th August.  So many rides coming up on the calendar from the end of February on, so start riding and do as many as possible with your quest to get to Shahzada for our huge anniversary celebrations and either the ultimate goal of a Shahzada buckle or a completion in the Mini Marathon.

Please check the rule book on the NSW ERA website for qualifications for horses and riders for Marathon and Mini Marathon rides.  If you completed the Mini Marathon in the past, come try Shahzada this year….you have nothing to lose and so, so much to gain – not just a buckle but a bond with your horse that is the greatest reward of all. 

Camping for both rides is all around the town of St Albans….working on some special anniversary merchandise to be purchased in advance of the ride plus lots of plans for Dog Races, Dress Up Day Thursday, My Kitchen Rules, Dancing Competitions plus heaps of entertainment during Shahzada week with perfect Shahzada weather to help you enjoy “The Ride of Your Life”!!!!

WE NEED YOUR HELP……TRACK CLEARING WEEKEND SATURDAY, 20TH AND SUNDAY, 21ST MARCH – here’s a bunch of us at the 2019 track clearing


We have NPWS approval – chain saw certificates would be terrific but there is much to do on tracks in and outside the Park....come either day or both and camp overnight on the Shahzada Base - bound to be a party - please contact Peter Bice (Committee member in charge of tracks and maintenance) on 0418 275 675 for catering and to give us an idea of what we will be able to achieve on this March weekend.  One of the jobs is to mark up and down The Steps and clear as much as possible without chainsaws to get the track ready for an RFS accreditation day soon (they will handle the chain sawing) so come and become familiar with the track, makes it a lot easier when you know YOU can handle this track by yourself – you will be much more confident when you return with your horse during the ride. 

For any further information, check out the Shahzada website www.Shahzada400.com or contact Shahzada ride secretary, Sue Todd This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text to 0429 905 039.


Thanks to Animal Focus for this great photo of Stuart Lymbery and Garonne Park Elmo who was awarded the Best Conditioned/Best Managed Horse Award at Shahzada 2019.


SHAHZADA 2013.......

If you are 16 or 60, Shahzada is something you HAVE to do......whether it is on your "bucket list" or you just need a benchmark to set all your future goals, this is the challenge for you. If you love your horse and wish you could spend day after day riding in the best country.....this is definitely for you!!!!!

SHAHZADA 2012 The 32nd Shahzada.The last week of August, 2012 saw the running of the 32nd Shahzada the ultimate test of horsemanship with 60 horses and riders from all over Australia covering 80kms a day for five days from the ride base in St Albans up and down the mountains that surround the MacDonald Valley in north west Sydney.

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