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Matar Stables Bullio Cup
From Saturday 03 November 2018
To Sunday 04 November 2018
Contact Annette Bailey This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0429326245


Sunday 4 November

AERA: 5-10KM, 20km, 40km & 80km

FEI: 80km*





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All legs will travel through the Canobolas State Forest and adjacent faming land over forest roads and grassy tracks.

Terrain is varied with some steep sections and lots of good going. The track will be predominantly good under foot with some gravel sections and lots of farm land paddocks. The 80km event will better suit horses with a degree of fitness however 3 legs will assist horses with recovery.  Achievable for novice horses but will require thoughtful riding.

The introductory rides will travel over easier terrain in farming land.


AERA 5-10km, 20km, 40km & 80km events will be held in conjunction with an 80kmFEI* ride.  

The AERA 80km and the FEI event will run simultaneously and the Bullio Cup awarded to the first successful combination from either event. There will be prizes for all divisions and completions.


It is envisaged that vetting for all rides will be vet gate into hold (VGIH). The AERA & FEI 80km ride will be three legs.

Completion, places and BC awards will be awarded in all divisions and the Bullio Cup, a perpetual award, will be awarded to the first successful combination from the Hwt or Mwt division of the AERA or FEI rides. Consequently, there will be no discrimination between these events in the vet gate.



Entries taken through nomination platform on website -

A compulsory entry date will be notified in due course to assist with administration and provision of facilities.


The Bullio Cup will be a very friendly event and we encourage new people to endurance to contact us in the lead up so that we can help out with any information or guidance you might need.

Location 1103 Four Mile Creek Rd, Four Mile Creek NSW 2800
Compulsory on-line nomination
Dogs Allowed
Additional Camping Fees

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