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Currowan Endurance Ride
From Saturday 04 August 2018
To Sunday 05 August 2018
Contact Jenny Shepheard This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0407 781 089


80km $110 senior $90 Junior

40km $60 (+ $10 day membership)

20km $35 (+ $5 day membership)

10km $20 (+ $5 day membership)


Timetable of events



Saturday 4 August 10/20/40

9:30am - office opens for 40km riders

10am - vetting opens for 40kms riders

11am - 40km event starts - minimum riding time 3hrs - course closes at 4pm

12:30pm - 20km event starts - minimum riding time 2hrs - course closes at 4pm

2pm - 10km events starts - minimum riding time 1hr - course closes at 4pm


Saturday Preride talks 30 minutes before the start of each ride.


5:30pm - Preride talks for 40km and 80km events (will address 20km if riders present)


There will be a check point at the River Rd/Pillar Rd for 10km riders. NO OTHER RIDERS ON THE 10KM COURSE (except on River Rd sections)


Office and vetting open to all Sunday rides from 1pm Saturday

Sunday 20km riders will also be able to vet Sunday morning from 7am-8am


Sunday 5 August 20/40/80

6am - 80km event starts - minimum riding time 6hrs - course closes at 3:30pm

7am - 40km event starts - minimum riding time 3 hrs - course closes at 1pm

8:50am - PRERIDE talk for 20km event

9am - 20km event starts - minimum riding time 2hrs - course closes at 1pm


Presentation and Best Conditoned workouts

BC for 80km event will be Sunday around 2pm, with Presentation following ASAP.


Booking essential -


Location The River Rd, Nelligen NSW 2536

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